Life requires self discipline. What do you struggle with on a daily basis?

Feeling stuck can be a great internal guide pushing you to try something different.

Working with a Life Coach helps you feel good by expanding awareness, shifting perspectives, trying on new ideas with confidence to reach your highest potential. Instead of wondering if your life can be different, ask yourself if you are willing to try a limitless approach until you get your goal.

Are you excited to take a different approach? Find inner strength and have the support of a personal coach to help?

Shanon Dawn has been studying how to make people happier in all aspects of life for over a decade. What makes consulting with Shanon successful is the assortment of options there are to choose from. She has a proven system to help individuals fast track through their struggles. If you prefer a slow pace, that’s an option, either way Shanon holds you accountable to accomplish all the goals you seek through coaching calls, in-person meetings, and email support.

To invest in Life or Relationship coaching sessions, choose from the options below



Choose a Life Coach Session

For your convenience, all Individual Life and Couple sessions are through phone or skype. If you would prefer an in person session, please chose one of the call options to get started and we will proceed from there.  Thank You.

30 minute hot seat session
15 Minute

Discovery Session

30 minute hot seat session
30 Minute

Life Chemistry Session

360 Lifestyle and Dating Package
90 Minute

Life or Relationship Soul Chat


The Marriage Prescription Self Help Book
The Marriage Prescription Bickering Stops Here
This book invites couples to rediscover their unique connection through journal points, interactive conversations, new date night possibilities, acupuncture, self care, the love of children, divorce prevention, the art of a kiss and much more. It’s a short and sweet read created to invigorate a fresh outlook.

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What People Are Saying

“Shanon’s compassion, insight, dedication, and care was instrumental in assisting me throughout the most challenging periods of my life. I highly recommend Shanon as a Life Coach.”
~ Geoff

“What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it” – Humanity