“What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it” – Humanity
I teach couples how to love intelligently and help individuals align with their most intimate goals.

I’m the accountability helping you to the next level of achievement.

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What Happens in a Coaching session?

It’s a deep conversation where we discuss the real reason you are stuck or struggle in a particular area. Coaching is not about the past it’s about focusing on what is going on right now and why it’s important to change the situation. You decide what’s discussed and together we map out strategies with a timeline. Taking charge will be easy once you’ve got your focus and support from me. Every session is private and confidential.

My Coaching Style

First I will gladly let you know that I’m a nerd who studies formal and informal education as I believe it is the key to the success of my coaching. I’m always researching human behaviour, relationship meanings and using the SMART method which stands for [specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and timely] to measure my own goals annually. I’m authentic, down to earth and genuinely care about the outcome of my clients goals. I hold clients accountable with strength and belief of achieving the changes. I only work with individuals who are ready for a shift because they have the power to seriously take charge of their world. I will give just as much energy as you put in, I will remind you of why you’re going for it if you forget and when you’re in the zone to succeed, you will shine.

Change isn’t hard to do if you welcome the end result before you start.

I love my business in a playful passionate way with standards of respect for you and what you need in order to feel successful, I’m sure you will sense that. Here are some of the topics I’ve helped clients with:

Time management
Time management
Is it procrastination or boundaries keeping you in grid lock?
Read article.

Relationships and Marriage
Relationships and Marriage
No two relationships are alike. Find out how to survive.
Read article.

Goal Setting Strategies
Goal Setting Strategies
Ideas are fun but waking up to a new version of you is even better.
Read article.

Health and Wellness
Health and Wellness
Give one shoe to your workout buddy and be accountable.

Lower Stress Levels
Having a heart to heart soothes the soul.

Single and dating?
Attract your ideal romance by raising your energy to match.
Read article.

Work With Me

Ready to book a coaching session? I offer private sessions over the phone or skype for topics such as Marriage; communication, emotional barriers, divorce prevention, goal achievement and procrastination. Individual private sessions are held in 30 minute or 90 minute times.

30 minute hot seat session
30 minutes
Hot Seat Session
(30 minute private session)

No excuses allowed. Get into the hot seat and kick your one goal around until you figure out how to get it done! Getting strict with yourself is easy when I’m holding you accountable. This is rarely a one time session but it can be done, so let’s get started.

360 Lifestyle and Dating Package
360 Lifestyle and
Dating Package
(90 minute private session)

Does your life need clarity?
Do you feel confused or stuck?
Then open up your Calendar and book this session. We will do what it takes to focus on what matters and what will attract the right people or circumstances to you.

The Marriage Prescription Course
The Marriage Prescription Course
(Millions of bickering moments stop here)

The Marriage Prescription book and course was created for divorce prevention. These strategies help strengthen, reconnect and break down repetitive barriers. There is fun and serious discussions to be had but in the end, the passionate bond will be worth the time and energy you put into this course.

The Marriage Prescription course
The Marriage Prescription Course
Join the thousands of couples who have healed their journey through the marriage prescription.

The Marriage Prescription Self Help Book
The Marriage Prescription Self Help Book
Learn strategies for your relationship.

Events and Fun
Events and Fun
Find out about upcoming events by signing up to my newsletter.

What People Are Saying

“Shanon’s compassion, insight, dedication, and care was instrumental in assisting me throughout the most challenging periods of my life. I highly recommend Shanon as a Life Coach.”