ikigai = reason for being or life worthwhile


What I do as a Life Coach:  I help guide the compass back to your north star, reorient the feeling of understood.  Individuals who are ready to articulate, explore what’s possible, and try new strategies are the best client for my practice. They say the teacher arrives when the student is ready, together they achieve another level. I am here to help you move past misunderstood points to find that zest of energy you once had.  How? Through techniques designed to eliminate stuck points. You could dissociate by changing environmental triggers, journal about the predominant daily mental state you live in, reframe moods, use swish visualizations, or anchor what you want more of by becoming conscientious or deliberate about how you use your mind and body to reach a new purpose.

“In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.” Albert Scheweitzer

I Certified

In relationship and trauma coaching to understand the human condition, because our pattern of thought and action usually stems from childhood. If childhood was emotionally complicated for you, it’s understood by me. Life coaching does not delve into the past, however, it will honor it along the way as we predominantly focused on present potentials.

The Journey

Conflicts are a part of life, the real question is; do you become stuck staring at the parts of the story that did you wrong or can you decide to let go and find the next best attitude? If we become stuck, it’s usually due to resentment or pain that creates a barrier in our faith. When this happens, parts of our emotional brain works diligently to prevent re experiencing the hurt, while other part subconsciously aims to find the same pain to repair what was done. Two options out of the labyrinth of emotional stuck points would be to 1. decide you are ready  2. search for the healing modality that will work best for your heart, mind and spirit.

The Goal

As a life coach, I see how important it is for everyone to find their authentic energy and flow back to happiness because this changes every area from career, self care, relationships to manifesting abundance and appreciation on a daily basis. Once we find it, we become the inspiration for others.

Trust & Faith

Having trust and faith in our journey extends over a lifetime, like ocean waves, some moments feel like a smooth surf while others, are like waves crashing onto the shoreline… all you have to do is keep trying, keep believing in the next moment. Believe that what’s meant for you will appear as you meet the universe half way.

My coaching style is about creating the authenticated space for you to connect with your purpose. That’s it. simple.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.”  Mark Twain

The next strategy for life begins with you accepting a horizon of possibility, a hand on your heart, a trust in the future and a leap of faith that you deserve more. It is this mindset that fuels energy to stay on that path which leads towards the future.

I have been on that journey my whole life, educating, exploring and healing. Please, traverse this site, book a Life Coach session, purchase a Heart Journaling book, learn what speaks to you and no matter what, be true your story and Live Your Wildest Dreams!



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Habit Seconds: Habit Stacking: Habit Compounding.

This session is about quitting or starting a new habit, are you up for it?  Here is a micro test:

I challenge you to make a change in the next 5 seconds, ready?


Example: healthier eating habits:

In the next 5 seconds yell out loud why you do or do not want this change for yourself?

If you did this you’re already on your way to change, CONGRATULATIONS. Here’s what’s next to keep you going, find out WHAT needs to happen and GO DO IT right now.  I mean this is a classification of work that’s easy if you know you mean it. Fall in love or hate but either way, you’ve got to do it the change to get the changes sooner rather than later.  You Can Do This!

Right now run to the spot where 1 negative trigger could be subtracted.  example: throw away all junk food.
Create 2s triggers to help you maintain this. example: print a photo of you eating healthy fruit in those spots where junk food used to clutter up space.  Can you come up with a second reinforcement?  remember 5 seconds  🙂

From now on decision making should come from a place of zero head games. Know what you want, understand the feeling and what it really means to have it vs not. ONCE you realized the seriousness (from whatever source)  make the change through 1. new thoughts 2. new habits 3. a real map or guide to keep you on track. 4. write three obstacles that could interfere with you staying on track 5. write up two solutions for each of the three to back you up to stay on course. 6. failure happens, accept your falls and get back up anyway. 7. find an accountability partner to share your wins every Friday together. 8. change your wallpaper on devices to photo’s or quotes that support the change you seek. 9. celebrate your journey, every micro shift counts. Keep Going!

Be Brave. Go Forth. You Can Do Anything. Once you decide giving up is not an option, your chances of success rise.

30 minute hot seat session

30 Minute Life Coach Session

Cost: $45.00 CAD

Date Night Challenge

Date Night Challenge

This challenge will give you a closer look at the fundamental strategies for strengthening intimacy. Within the 7 days, there will be activities to create sparks of newness and spontaneity.

Liability Release Form

Please download Liability Release Form, sign and email the completed form to shanondawnLC@gmail.com or bring it with your on the day of your session.

“In my experience of getting to know Shanon Dawn and working with her, I find Shanon to be a wonderful, progressive person with integrity and has demonstrated the key qualities I appreciate in a Life Coach!

Shanon’s honesty and sincerity; acknowledging my experiences of challenges; supporting my plan to advocate for justice and my rights as a woman; appreciating my efforts and strengths; showing empathy, warmth and lightness; believing in my abilities to build a business on motivational speaking and education; offering effective, do-able strategies to encourage me to take immediate action and kick-start my business.

Like sunshine on a sunny day, Shanon shines with her bright light. Through her practice, she clearly shows genuine care for people’s well-being, personal growth and has a generous heart with strong, positive energy! Having this opportunity to meet her and work with her makes me feel blessed and well supported! I am very excited about our continual collaboration! I know it’s gonna be a fantastic journey!”
~ Tian Yue