Let go of old triggers and see what’s possible.
Work With Me

30 minute hot seat session

15 Minute Coaching Session

Daily 15 minute power sessions over the phone to improve precision and your daily focus!
Get Empowered in 15 minutes!

Session Time: 15 minutes
Cost: $45.00

30 minute hot seat session

30 Minute Coaching Session

Designed to make quick laser focused alignment with what you need to kick off your week. You can establish one compelling goal, make a small action plan and put it into motion.

Session Time: 30 minutes
Cost: $90.00 CAD

360 Lifestyle and Dating Package

90 Minute Coaching Session

Let’s look at your top 10 excuses flip them over and find how to really accomplish what you want. This session makes you think, pushes and motivates you to accept new challenges and to break free from old patterns of thoughts and behaviours that keep you stuck. Say goodbye to the old you and hello to the future you desire with more love, joy, goals and accomplishments.
All you have to say is I can do this!

Session Time: 90 minutes
Cost: $360.00 CAD

Liability Release Form

Please download Liability Release Form, sign and email the completed form to or bring it with your on the day of your session.

Cancellation Policy

24 hours’ notice for cancellations required. Cancellations made prior to this window are rescheduled with no penalty, please use calendar to make your changes. Cancellations made without 24 hours’ notice but prior to the start of the session or no- shows made after the start of the session incur the full fee.

“In my experience of getting to know Shanon Dawn and working with her, I find Shanon to be a wonderful, progressive person with integrity and has demonstrated the key qualities I appreciate in a Life Coach!

Shanon’s honesty and sincerity; acknowledging my experiences of challenges; supporting my plan to advocate for justice and my rights as a woman; appreciating my efforts and strengths; showing empathy, warmth and lightness; believing in my abilities to build a business on motivational speaking and education; offering effective, do-able strategies to encourage me to take immediate action and kick-start my business.

Like sunshine on a sunny day, Shanon shines with her bright light. Through her practice, she clearly shows genuine care for people’s well-being, personal growth and has a generous heart with strong, positive energy! Having this opportunity to meet her and work with her makes me feel blessed and well supported! I am very excited about our continual collaboration! I know it’s gonna be a fantastic journey!”
~ Tian Yue