Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in Love  –  Rumi

Life Relationship Trauma Coaching with Shanon Dawn

Why Life Coaching? I base my work from an understanding that healing is a real talent and I want to be there with you when you try.  This sacred work requires the body and mind to feel safe, to have trust and to empower through transparency with a professional. I have taken the time to understand the three main types of trauma which are acute, chronic and complex. All of the formal and informal aspects of psychology, crisis intervention, certified relationship and trauma coaching has been a powerful learning tool.

What happens in coaching? One on one sessions are tailored to each individual to promote autonomy. My goal is to teach techniques you will feel comfortable using on your own. For example, journaling has a power if you write down the right questions. The key is to move towards what you want — not away from what you don’t. It’s not about running or hiding, it’s about what is actually possible to accomplish in micro to macro steps. Healing spirals, it ebbs and flows, journaling allows you to see the hero thoughts built into the page to remind you of how to keep moving forward when you’re feeling backwards again. This is just one aspect of healing. I have many more tools for you to try.

Difference between a Therapist and Life Coach?  There is room for all. I will partner with a therapist to ensure a client has the best care possible. The true difference in coaching is building better habits for the here and now vs therapy, which primarily  focusses on the root cause from the past. Both serve as excellent tools for your wellbeing.

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What is Coaching?

The definition of success comes from your interpretation of what’s deemed as most important to you in this life. Procrastination is when you know something is important but deny the experience of moving forward either because it’s too much work, training, explaining, high intensity results and expectations etc, or perhaps has an element of emotional pain attached preventing you from moving forward.

The Solution is: To emotionally detach from the outcome and simply take the necessary steps to get the “change” done.  This is when a life coach can help you stick to your decision and get beyond the procrastination.  Wouldn’t that be nice? Book your initial appointment with Shanon to get started.

Remember, who you surround yourself with and the personal discipline to Gain or Drop Habits that will perk up your life, will help you live in daily alignment of your wildest dreams!  GO chase each one and don’t stop until you are satisfied!


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