Tell yourself that you matter and that you love yourself because you are awesome!
About Shanon

Inspired and educated by Tony Robbins International Coaching.

Certified in Strategic Intervention and Advanced Relationship Coaching

Formal preliminary education in crisis intervention and psychology

Coaching Style: To help couples and individuals live their best life possible. There will always be work involved when change is necessary, however, I try to incorporate a fun atmosphere when possible to make the learning journey tolerable.

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Frustration comes from wanting everything to be perfect. Learn to live your by design not chance -Shanon Dawn
You can be larger than life, bigger than the stars all you have to do is start on your path!

What is Coaching?

Live in your sweet spot. If you are tired of hiding out and holding back due to fears, or afraid of an impending divorce because things seem impossible, I can help you clarify, let go of old triggers and see what’s possible.

Conquer those boundaries so you can live your life by design.

I love coaching limitless thinkers who are ready to:

  • Learn a new mindset
  • Communicate with more love and meaning in their relationships
  • Magnify what’s possible
  • Motivate that drive for success and achieve it

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