Habit Seconds: Habit Stacking: Habit Compounding.

This session is about quitting or starting a new habit, are you up for it?  Here is a micro test:

I challenge you to make a change in the next 5 seconds, ready?


Example: healthier eating habits:

In the next 5 seconds yell out loud why you do or do not want this change for yourself?

If you did this you’re already on your way to change, CONGRATULATIONS. Here’s what’s next to keep you going, find out WHAT needs to happen and GO DO IT right now.  I mean this is a classification of work that’s easy if you know you mean it. Fall in love or hate but either way, you’ve got to do it the change to get the changes sooner rather than later.  You Can Do This!

Right now run to the spot where 1 negative trigger could be subtracted.  example: throw away all junk food

Create 2s triggers to help you maintain this. example: print a photo of you eating healthy fruit in those spots where junk food used to clutter up space.  Can you come up with a second reinforcement?  remember 5 seconds  🙂

The realization is (as an example) even though there haven’t been apples, pineapples or mangos around the house in months, you now believe in the power of health. Since covid19 we all have seen how transformation, habit change, has to happen in one moment when seriousness is realized. It’s no longer an option to ignore having a healthy immune system along with a clean environment.

From now on decision making should come from a place of zero head games. Know what you want, understand the feeling and what it really means to have it vs not. ONCE you realized the seriousness (from whatever source) you make the change through 1. thoughts 2. habits 3. a map or guide to keep you on track.

Simple to complex, call me if you think you need an accountability coach to help you get on and stay on track.

This call not a guarantee you will do anything, this call is a promise to you that I will witness the transformation and hold you accountable while you get revved up to change internal or external habits.

This 15 minute focused call comes with a 15 minute “time bonus”

Get Empowered, what will make today a great day? Find 5 reasons or call me.

Cost: $45.00

30 minute hot seat session

30 Minute Coaching Session

What’s holding you back? Ask yourself questions to accelerate the best week ever!  Need accountability?  Set up this call, and together we will make sure your week is a success, all you have to do is believe in your ability to make changes happen

Cost: $90.00 CAD

360 Lifestyle and Dating Package

90 Minute Coaching Session

Time to get real, this 90 minute session comes with a free copy of one of my books, a follow up email a week later, and homework to keep your mind humming with options. The goal is to see beyond any barrier, setback or fear.  There is no better time in life to get your priorities down on paper, into your calendar, and into action. Consider this, one year from now you will have traveled around the sun once, had a birthday, experienced many amazing days, and will have more of those if you decide to dedicate time to design that dream life you want right now. Or you could remain the same. It’s up to you.

Cost: $360.00 CAD

Liability Release Form

Please download Liability Release Form, sign and email the completed form to liveyourwildestdreamslifecoach@gmail.com or bring it with your on the day of your session.

Cancellation Policy

48 hours’ notice for all cancellations required or no refund. If you need to reschedule please contact Team Shanon Directly at Live Your Wildest Dreams Life Coach @ Gmail. com

“In my experience of getting to know Shanon Dawn and working with her, I find Shanon to be a wonderful, progressive person with integrity and has demonstrated the key qualities I appreciate in a Life Coach!

Shanon’s honesty and sincerity; acknowledging my experiences of challenges; supporting my plan to advocate for justice and my rights as a woman; appreciating my efforts and strengths; showing empathy, warmth and lightness; believing in my abilities to build a business on motivational speaking and education; offering effective, do-able strategies to encourage me to take immediate action and kick-start my business.

Like sunshine on a sunny day, Shanon shines with her bright light. Through her practice, she clearly shows genuine care for people’s well-being, personal growth and has a generous heart with strong, positive energy! Having this opportunity to meet her and work with her makes me feel blessed and well supported! I am very excited about our continual collaboration! I know it’s gonna be a fantastic journey!”
~ Tian Yue