Refresh your dreams by sticking to it,
a year from now you will be glad you did.
The Marriage Prescription:
Back to passion in 30 days!

This course complements my book called ‘The Marriage Prescription Book’ you can purchase it here.

This course is meant for relationship healing and divorce prevention. The topics discussed will be a companion to the Marriage Prescription book plus many new strategies to help elevate your relationship into a new state of bliss. I recommend reading my article, Relationships & Marriage Paths.

Here are some quick examples of excellent strategies to help you get stated towards healing right now, and remember while reading these you have not learned anything unless you walk away with changed behaviour from here.


The real block to marital success is the ratio of negative to positive experiences. Positivity needs to rule your household 5:1 positive. Find out how easy it is to do.


Patterns of poor communication means there’s a lack of awareness. Leading conversations with irritated, negative body language mixed with empty promises creates a frustration build up. I help you become great at communication leaving more room for intimacy and love.


Conflict is normal but how you handle it matters. It’s essential you both feel the differences can be resolved even if you agree to disagree. Don’t wait until it’s too late, fix these arguments within this course and get back to discussions that make you both smile.


Speak directly about one topic at at a time and reflect back what message you got from your partner so you’re both on the same page. All it takes is a deep breath and you can do this from now on.

I statements

Take responsibility for your feelings. Assess how a situation makes you feel rather than criticizing your partner. For example “I feel frustrated when you don’t help with the dishes” as apprised to “you’re lazy” use language that encourages harmony.

Skillful Negotiation

Use humour when possible, smile, compromise through each topic and take turns meeting half way or giving in alternatively. I will teach deeper strategies on this and work along side of you both as a team.

Get over the Bickering

Depersonalize the little moments of frustration. Instead, become curious as to why your partner is behaving in a specific way. It’s probably not personal, they’re just tired or unsure of something which causes frustration. If something is said or insinuated that doesn’t sit well, ask questions or say sorry. Find a way to smooth over the issues.

I’m hoping some or all of these points help inspire conversation and reminders.

The best thing about a relationship and family is that there’s always an insurmountable level of love ready to grow all you have to do is decide to focus on the path for solutions rather than blame.

Join me on this private journey where we take your marriage to a deeper level of understanding and commitment.

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What is included?

1 on 1 Coaching
1:1 Coaching
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Fully Customized
Fully Customized
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Session Follow Up
Session Follow Up
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Email/Phone Support
Email/Phone Support
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“Shanon helped me by not giving up, no matter the situation. Being a teenager, in my final year, stress everywhere, her approach has helped me shift thoughts into a success driven mode.

Working together has been like having a friend with me every step of the way, pushing me to test my limits and step outside my comfort zone. The love, support, encouragement, and challenges have guided me to where I am now as I continue finding my true self for the rest of my life.”