Politics-of-Romance-Shanon-DawnDear Married Couple

I want to share with you a strategy to create more romance through communication.

If you’re in the friend zone running like a family with kids but feel a bit empty as a “couple” you’re in the right place because as you continue to read you will find an excellent strategy to strengthen your communication.

Creating a mood for your relationship means that you make an effort to plan fun and sexy meaningful conversations and activities where you are eager to express gratitude and closeness towards your partner.

Warning; This exercise is for those couples who want to stay together committed.

First lets start with allowing each other to be real, without judgment even if you’re speaking about sensitive subjects. One of you is bound to like an idea way more than the other person and this is when judgment kicks in with irritation. Sometimes honesty means you disagree. Disagreement is normal. The important part is to be heard and acknowledge each other’s point of view.

Start a conversation that is aimed at creating closeness not division ~ Shanon Dawn

Here is a strategy for the two of you to try when you’re not hungry, not hormonal, not right after work, but when you are alone, relaxed and open to try something helpful for love bonding.  Bonding with your partner has many rewards such as being heard, feeling loved, feeling passionate, sexy and feeling safe to get through power struggles which can often leads to divorce if not fixed.

Here are the 7 steps to creating a Romantic Mood through communication;

  1. It would begin with YOU asking your partner to communicate something they find important and to tell you in 2 sentences only in a positive way.
  2. You then verbally verify back what you heard within their request by paraphrasing, not reacting.
  3. Then let them know why you understand and how you are willing to make those changes for the betterment of the relationship.
  4. The implementation you have understood should start the same day and be permanent.
  5. Ask your partner to do the same active listening and reflective talk with you.
  6. While you both practice listening deeply you will notice how it elevates both your moods towards one another knowing you are being taken seriously.
  7. By implementing this strategy you are showing your partner how much you love them which is always sexy.

May you find your bliss while doing this exercise and be sure to make a plan to have a fun sexy meaningful date night so you can show how eager you are to be in love with your partner and to express gratitude for participating in this talk strategy.

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