Do you realize “life” is seeking you out just as much as you’re seeking it? Have you wondered what’s really in your future? Are you curious to find out? Do you value the variety of options available in this modern age? Are you a willing participant ready to influence every spare moment you have? If not, you might miss participating in opportunities that could have a positive impact on your community, country or the human race.

Options to custom design your life are plentiful especially through technology that advances, space travel that romances and oceanic condo living that’s becoming the norm. The human race is collectively seeking attention to become number one in everything. As individuals create success, groups are researching how to live for 200 years, become robotic, bounce out onto mars forever, cure everything, and know everything. Collectively we like to think we outshine any prior century of the human race but the truth is, it’s really been one big long journey together, we all shake hands, share secrets and pass it on to the next generation who will build on what we have established and so on.

Question: if you were born 5000 years ago, what do you think you would have been doing at that time in that society?

Alternatively consider 5000 years from now: what do you think your future self would be parading on about?

The point is you are who you are no matter when or where you land in history, the question is, are you living to you fullest or are you hiding?

It’s fun to consider all the possibilities while you’re able to do something about it because the way I see it, your personality and essence is here for a reason, you fit into this puzzle of life with purpose, it’s time to make sure you use your spot on this planet to fulfill your potential.

The equilibrium of life will always seek to balance your desires, fears and skepticism mixed with passion for fun and accomplishments. Don’t be afraid to try and fail because you are pioneering the way for others just like your ancestors did. Might sound extreme but it’s not. You matter and your imprint will be noted in this generation.

Are you open to receive that magical tingle pulling you towards creating something special in life? Go ahead, open up to the whispering you hear in your soul right now and enjoy this experience we call life!

Written by Shanon Dawn: Life Coach, Author of The Marriage Prescription

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