Emotional-Fitness-Shanon-DawnDear Emotional Fitness Seeker

Emotional Fitness is the practice of building up your mind and emotions,  it’s not just about your external body image anymore.

What you think about tracks into your cell walls and can literally bring your biochemistry up or down which will influence your mood and your mood influences how productive you are in life.  Moods are influenced by sleep, diet, exercise, hormones, self talk.

If you are curious to learn more, you’re in the right place.

Lets look at Self Talk for a moment; What are your thoughts whispering to you as you live throughout your day? What mood do you flow through due to the reaction of your thoughts?  Do you sway with self love? Or are you hard on yourself? There are strategies to manipulate the brain’s neuroplasticity by learning new thoughts and creating new habits that help you feel good and grow forward to manifest a deeper connection to the core of who you are. This is your time in life to shine!  I’m here to help you build on your ability to gain mental muscle. Sign up for my newsletter to get free tips. __________

Emotional Fitness Work Out

Write your top 2 emotionally stuck points, this means you have fear or doubt around moving forward with something. Once you see it on paper ask yourself if each point is a real or imagined “stuck” mindset.  Whatever you tell yourself becomes your truth. What’s the truth for you? What RULES do you have around your stuck points? Some fears and doubts are simply a habit. Examine what is really going on physically, mentally and emotionally. Write it all down and decide if you should keep those beliefs.  Rewrite a new emotion you want to start experiencing. Connect with me on a Skype call to explore more.

Your thoughts can make you tired or elated, keep you stuck or take you around the world.

Focus on what matters, realize most things are as Marie Forleo likes to say “Figuroutable” and make your moves, take charge, improved your thoughts and manifest the rewards.   Take this life into the stratosphere and enjoy!