We all have a little bit of procrastination inside of us some more than others. I decided to stop procrastinating and make this video for you. Keep in mind it does take a lot of guts to make a video and then put it on your website for the world to see but I wanted to prove a point that when you put your mind to it and schedule it and simply follow through, you have success.

Here are some quick tips that I do not talk about in the video but are going to help you in overriding procrastination in your day.

1. Pick apart your long list and find the one task that makes you happy to start.
If it’s writing a book, make the task of writing 3 pages per day your goal for one year.

2. Schedule the task into your calendar with an exact date and time to begin.
Create an accountability to see your way through to the end with a friend, life coach or announce your task by booking a venue for you to read that book you want to write. Whatever it is find a way to keep yourself on a real track not an imaginary one.

3. If you’re a last minute person like me, you know this can be both exciting and create extra anxiety which is really unnecessary. However rushing through to the end of a task can feel good because you’re pushing through all of excuses and boundaries.

4. Power push through your doubts and feel an improvement in self esteem.
Persistence = success

5. Use Post-it notes set an alarm to make sure you actually start your tasks on the date and time that you have promised to yourself and contact accountability partner.

6. Check in at the end of each month to make sure things have improved.

7. Change your passwords into your ultimate goal so there is a constant reminder to keep on track to success.

8. Just think how far along you will be in one year from now if you simply start today!

9. Accomplishing your goals starts now, what can you schedule by midnight today and start by the end of this week?
Start with scheduling a coffee. Could you do that? Probably, right? That’s what I’m talking about, pick something easy and attainable to train your brain into seeing what is possible for your life.
Start today, build momentum and take your goals seriously.

10. Being a procrastinator is something you’ll probably have to live with but there are definitely techniques and strategies that you can implement on a daily, weekly basis that will help you achieve the ultimate goal of having a life by design.

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