Live-Your-Wildest-Dreams-Shanon-DawnDear Wild Dreamer

I know you, you have been curious about so many things but haven’t found the time to connect and focus with your deep truths You imagine a life where things flow into place with ease, your relationships are energized and your inner chatter is happy.  Maybe you want to travel the world or stay tucked quietly in your home but somewhere in your mind you are manifesting changes for your future. You secretively want success.  Success in your marriage, success in your career, success in your mind body and spirit.  Whatever it is you feel it pulling at you to find out more.

Maybe you pretend your life is better than it is. You might be successful at work but allow your relationships to bother you. Or maybe you compare your journey to others around you who seem to have everything together. Here’s the secret, you don’t have to worry about what everyone else is doing just focus on what makes you happy. Build your self worth and confidence. You deserve those dreams you dream of. This is your time in life to take action, to utilize all of the strategies that surround you. Start to reframe your inner language to empower you not limit you. Choose to forgive and to love. Stop procrastination by realizing how many goals you have already accomplished which proves you can do it.  Be proud of who you are. Start to hang out with others who align with your core beliefs.  Start a new mantra that makes you glow over your current repetitive negative thoughts. Start to set your intentions to build your new life by design not default. Choose freedom over fear.

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