Today you are a SuperStar,
Go ahead and act like one.
90 Minute Coaching Session

Does your life need clarity?

Do you feel confused or stuck?

Need help managing certain aspects of your relationships or decision making to reduce stress?

Then open up your Calendar and book this session. We will do what it takes to focus on what matters and what will attract the right people or circumstances to you.

Let’s look at your top 10 excuses flip them over and find how to really accomplish what you want. This session makes you think, pushes and motivates you to accept new challenges and to break free from old patterns of thoughts and behaviours that keep you stuck. Say goodbye to the old you and hello to the future you desire with more love, joy, goals and accomplishments.
All you have to say is I can do this!

$360 CDN via Skype or phone.

Bonus – Before we end our session we will establish a personal plan to support and measure your growth with check points to keep you on track into the future.

What is included?

1 on 1 Coaching
1:1 Coaching
1 x 90 minute coaching session via phone/Skype

Fully Customized
Fully Customized
All resources, exercises, and tasks fully customized to support YOU and YOUR unique goals and needs.

Session Follow Up
Session Follow Up
One email with specific actions moving towards your progress.

“When I first met Shanon, I was struggling to launch a new business, after being laid off. I was struggling with changing my mindset from being an employee to being my own boss. Shanon helped me make that mental shift, which has proved instrumental in my success.

My mindset shift was monumental. It helped lay the foundation to my daily tasks and how I approach. No longer having the guidance of a boss, Shanon helped me step-by-step in figuring out the direction of my business and what needed to be done daily.

Through Shanon’s coaching, I have seen an increase in confidence so that I have been able to push myself beyond my comfort zone into new territory. The best part of working with Shanon was the 1:1 attention, which meant that she tailored everything to my situation, rather than providing general information. This is invaluable in terms of time saving. I didn’t need to look to other places to find my answers. Shanon was able to provide me with resources which answered my needs.”