Excitement is not about travelling to new places
but looking with new eyes.
30 Minute Coaching Session

Designed to make quick laser focused alignment with what you need to kick off your week. You can establish one compelling goal, make a small action plan and put it into motion.

$90 CDN via Skype or phone.

What is included?

1 on 1 Coaching
1:1 Coaching
1 x 30 minute intensive coaching session via phone/Skype

Fully Customized
Fully Customized
Impactful resources, exercises, and tasks fully customized to support YOU and the unique action that you want to make happen.

Session Follow Up
Session Follow Up
One email with specific actions moving towards your progress.

“The Mind Whisperer”

“The mind is a complex network of thoughts, emotions, ideas and processes. At times it may become unbalanced due to outside or inner influences, creating a storm of activity. It is these mind shattering storms that can affect a person’s life progress, bringing it all to a grinding halt!

Shanon approaches each storm with an open non-judgmental perspective, allowing her clients to seamlessly establish a comfort zone, from where they can “deposit” their challenges, issues, fears, and desires. Through simple conversation and reflective questioning, Shanon applies her honed skill set to help the person see the light through the darkness of loss and despair.

Her words of reason and support become beacons of “guiding whispers”, which help to successfully break through any storm your mind conjures up!

Life Change is pleased and proud to have her on our team, and highly recommend her services to anyone interested in quelling their storms!”.