Enjoy the little things.
15 Minute Coaching Session

One 15 minute session to get clear on what your true goals are for the day!  Or challenge yourself: write down the top 5 goals you will accomplish within the next 5 hours, your time starts now!

“Shanon has been very empowering, and motivational. I enjoyed our coaching sessions, which are always filled with great ideas. I enjoyed receiving homework after each session, which I was able to apply to everyday life. The questions asked always helped to get me thinking more about how I can change a situation. Shanon’s spirit and energy were very refreshing!

I learned how to empower myself and change moods around me. How to work on resolving conflict, motivate myself, confront situations, focus on facts rather than motives, change the way i communicate, actively listen, enjoy life, and lov myself. Thank you Shanon for all your motivation and support!”
~ Mallory