Excitement is not about travelling to new places
but looking with new eyes.
The Marriage Prescription Book 2018

As of 2017 I am currently writing my first self help Relationship book called ‘The Marriage Prescription’ it’s expected to be out in 2018. I’m very excited to help marriages around the world with this information as a divorce prevention remedy. There will be links throughout the book to expand your personal development online. Some of the chapter titles are about Deep Love and Commitment, Communication, The Neuroscience of Lust, discussions on phenylethlamine / aphrodisiac foods, and more.

As a Relationship Coach I often hear…

“We are struggling trying to be on the same page, contemplating divorce vs continuously fighting on what virtually never repairs itself”

“I’m a stay at home mom who gave up her career and Friday nights with the girls a long time ago and now you’re wondering who I am and how to get back in the adult world”

“How do I get my partner to share new responsibilities, I’m tired of pretending I have it all figured out and now I’m exhausted”

“I’m trying to be what she wants but she’s demanding and I don’t see the point anymore”


You’re not alone and there are solutions. So many women cave in, give up, cry, and stay stuck, men too. I’m here to help you STAND BACK UP and take your life back, your marriage back and your emotions to another level. I work with women and men who are willing to climb out from behind their uncomfortable shadow and get back on track to shine with confidence.

What to Expect

When you work with me, I take a panoramic view of your life to see the inner dialogue you have going on, your self care regarding emotions, physically activity and health. I teach you how to elevate what is working in your relationship. Next we take a comprehensive look at what you’ve tried and where you’re willing to go. I will also show you how to reconnect with the best version of yourself, discover more joy, passion and feel good knowing you are designing a life of choice not one of default.

Start a Romantic Journey, Get out of Procrastination and Live Your Best Life

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